Visualize Fitness in 3D


Visualize and Track Wellness in 3D

  • Leverage MyBodeeScan to provide precise body composition with the precision of a Dexa scan.
  • Report body composition and lean vs. fat mass every time you scan. 
  • Get Body Scan in Dallas and the entire DFW area.

Measure Body Fat & Overall Fitness

  • Set fat loss goals for body fat % and fitness level.
  • Explore energy balance by setting caloric and activity levels to meet goals.

Assess & Stratify Health Risk

  • Calculate waist circumference and analyze that shape. 
  • Determine your risk level for disease.
  • Integrates seamlessly into employee's benefits and wellness programs

VIDEO:  Sue Gets MyBodeeScan.

Check out the video on how easy it is to visualize fitness in 3D and then schedule your own BODEE SCAN.


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Discover your true 3D Shape and Measurements

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